Welcome on the website of the EU funded project ETHICAL. The term ETHICAL is the acronym for "Promoting International Debate on Ethical Implications of Data collection, use and retention for Biometric and Medical Applications". Our mission is to be an effective mechanism for societal partners’ engagement in enhancing the debate on ethical implications of data collection, use and retention in medical and biometric applications, in order to create a consensus and a roadmap towards a secure environment and simultaneously no compromise in human rights respect. 

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ETHICAL project Last Consortium Meeting in Athens, 2-3 December 2010. 

The last ETHICAL Consortium meeting took place in Athens. During the meeting, that was hosted by the Greek partner ARC, all final details for a successful closure of the project were discussed with all parties involved identifying the need to pursue future funding initiatives on the issue of data collection retention and use for medical and genetic applications. The last was also evident by the useful feedback of the expert consultation procedures with relevant experts encouraging future synergies on this topic. ETHICAL project partners wish to thank all stakeholders involved in the consultation processes and the ETHICAL Workshop for their valuable contribution and vivid interest on the project objectives. All final results and deliverables of the project will be available at the ETHICAL Knowledge Base. 

 ETHICAL at the UKM-UNESCO Asia Pacific Conference in Selangor Malaysia, 29-30 November 2010.  

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, member of ETHICAL project, is presenting a paper under the thematic "Challenges to Human Dignity: Human Security, participation and Civil Society". In this paper, ethical implications of data collection, use and retention of biometric data in biometrics applications are identified. These implications are discussed in the context of five main ethical principles – privacy, confidentiality, security, property and ownership, and reliability and trustworthiness. In addition, to illustrate unethical uses of biometric data and its application, cases of misuse are described. 

More details on the UKM-UNESCO conference can be obtained here


Participation of ETHICAL project at the EC workshop “Future technology and society”, November 19, 2010 in Brussels.

 The themes of the workshop focused on the mutual interaction between technology, science and society, and how information technology and innovation influence human practices, and vice versa.

 Presentations and agenda of workshop can be found here. ETHICAL presentation at the workshop can be found here.

ETHICAL at eChallenges e-2010 Conference in Warsaw 27-29 October 2010.


ETHICAL project participated to the eChallenges e-2010 Conference in Warsaw 29 October 2010, organizing a joint Workshop on Ethical Implications of the Global Use of Digitised Biomedical and Biometric Data. The event and discussion moderated by Dr. Schug of EHTEL provided the chance to the audience to discuss the latest developments on ETHICAL project and exchange views on ethical implications of data collection use and retention for biometric and medical applications.


You can Download the ETHICAL workshop summary and full presentations from our Knowledge Base


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