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The PATS project is a project funded within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. The acronym PATS stands for "Privacy Awareness through Security Organisation Branding". The overall objective of PATS is to demonstrate how certain standards of privacy can become a brand label for security organisations on a voluntary but binding basis.

The ETICA project will identify emerging Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and their potential application areas in order to analyze and evaluate ethical issues arising from these. By including a variety of stakeholders and disciplinary perspectives, it will grade and rank foreseeable ethical risks.

The Living in Surveillance Societies (LiSS) COST Action is a European research programme designed to increase and deepen knowledge about living and working in the surveillance age, in order to better understand the consequences and impacts of enhanced surveillance, and subsequently to make recommendations about its future governance and practice.

Inter-connected European information and documentation system for ethics and science: European Ethics Documentation Centre. It is the overall aim of ETHICSWEB to stimulate an enhanced democratic debate on ethical issues of science and to promote a more engaged and informed public

HIDE aims to establish a platform devoted to monitoring the ethical and privacy implications of biometrics and personal detection technologies. Detection technologies are technologies used to detect something or someone within a security or safety context.

Rising Pan European and International Awareness of Biometrics and Security Ethics (RISE) is an international initiative for promoting Awareness on Ethical Aspects of Biometrics and Security Technologies.

Ethical Frameworks for Telecare Technologies for older people at home (EFORTT) is concerned with the implications of the introduction of remote care technologies worn, installed or embedded in the homes of older citizens/frail older people. It addresses an ethical and democratic deficit in this field which has arisen due to a proliferation in research and development of advanced care technologies that has not been accompanied by sufficient consideration of their social context.

BITE aims to prompt research and to launch a public debate on bioethics of biometric technology.


SiS Portal

European Commission. Research. Science in Society Portal

SINAPSE Community

National Ethics Councils Forum.


Life science, Biology and Medical online Forums.


Global Ethics Observatory


Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation 


Centre for Social Ethics and Policy


European Network and Information Security Agency


International Society for Ethics and Information Technology


Australian Association for Professional and Applied Ethics


3TU.Centre for Ethics and Technology


Centre for the International Study of Cyberethics and Human Rights


Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine

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